Payroll Management

The payroll management system is the most important aspect inside an enterprise which deals with vital financial aspects of the employee’s salary, various allowances, amount deductions, gross payment, net payment, pay-slips generation, etc. RM Global is not only the best organization to handle all your payroll related queries but is also considered as one of the best recruitment firms.

In our payroll management services, we take care of the following matters:
  1. Managing employee information and all the details.
  2. Managing the emoluments, deductions from the salary and leave calculations
  3. Pay-slip generations
  4. Managing the payroll process according to the algorithm of the salary structure assigned to that particular client
  5. Generating formal reports related to attendance or leave, payroll and employee.
  6. Deduction of TDS and generating YTD statement
  7. Approval of loans against the salary deduction
  8. Generation of Form 16
  9. Generation of Provident Fund challan and maintaining their corresponding nomination
  10. Managing the increment hikes of the employees