We provide transcription services for professionals. We go far beyond the industry standards to protect your reputation, as well as our own. We don’t just quickly transcribe your recordings; we turn them into accurate accounts you can completely rely on. Your final documents incorporate complete audio to text of your discussions. Our experienced team has a highly tuned ear for even the most complex recordings. Each of our transcribers has an exceptional command of the English language. They also possess the skills needed to fully research your specific industry terminology. We’ve built our business on quality, diligence and accuracy from the very beginning. In fact, we haven’t had to re-transcribe a single project since we began in 2010. It’s why our clients come back to us, year after year. Conference and Event Transcription Give everyone the opportunity to enjoy your presentations after the main event, including people who missed out on the conference and those hard of hearing. Our transcribers can recapture the power of your keynotes with transcripts you’ll be able to share in media, marketing and reviews. Revisit the event, at your leisure, with a precise written account of the day. Confidential Transcription Writing up verbal statements for potential legal cases and investigations requires pinpoint accuracy. Absolute confidentiality from an established, trusted partner is what you deserve. From covert operations and fraud cases to disciplinary hearings and forensic science reports, we’ll capture every single detail verbatim, and present it court-ready for your convenience. Media and Video Transcription A podcast or press conference can be brought to life with intelligent transcription. We’ll capture the sounds of your speakers, the accents, the drama and the ambience for the hearing impaired and those who simply prefer to read the detail. Video is used in a multitude of ways. But think about accompanying your visual and audio content in an appropriate manner. An important factor to consider when people still love to read. Editors and producers refer to scripts. An ideal opportunity to outsource your recordings for transcription. Research and Study Whether you’re researching patient reported outcomes for clinical trials or working on corporate projects, we’ll help you document your findings with the correct terminology. Free up your valuable time. Let us find those troublesome acronyms. Allow yourself to concentrate on your analyses, whilst we handle the documentation. From corporate events to fraud interviews, pharmaceutical research to covert operations, podcasts to academic lectures, we’ll transcribe your recordings efficiently, confidentially, securely and accurately.