Stock auditing services is one of the areas of specialization of RM Global. We offer our focused services on the stock audits which include ownership confirmation, valuation, and other verification processes. We follow some checklist to evaluate the total stock quantity of a company.

Why choose RM Global for stock auditing services

  • Pocket friendly and quality oriented results
  • Application of advanced technology for the investigation
  • Highly qualified and expert investigating officers reporting for duty
  • Always focus on gathering and delivering concrete evidence

How we proceed with our Stock Auditing Consultation services

  • Updating the opening stock details
  • To clear the discrepancies between the book or computed stock and physical stock
  • Updating the total number of physical stocks as book stock
  • Guaranteed proper handling and preservation of the total number of stocks of a company.
  • Identifying the dead or slow-moving stock
  • Identifying the breach between current and actual inventory management processes