Multilingual Subtitling Services

Subtitling Services

In order to be able to convey the right message through to your viewers, it is essential to have relevant and accurate subtitles and captions added to the video materials.

The Multilingual Solutions at RM Global consulting offer subtitling services in multiple languages making it possible for your videos to reach out to a wider audience and be understood accurately.

A well-made video with a powerful message can lose its relevance when the subtitles are not given in the right way. We understand how important it is for your audience to be able to understand what you wanted to share.

We have a global network of language experts assisting with over 20 languages making us one of the leading agencies in multilingual subtitling and Captioning. Our cost effective and quality services have helped with the subtitling of numerous videos including foreign movies, commercials, documentaries and corporate presentations.

Our specialized team assists with the transcription with time code of every dialogue which is then integrated into the video with absolute accuracy to sync the audio with the visual subtitles as the video proceeds.

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