Foreign/ Domestic Language Recruitment

Multilingual Translation

Language recruitment is a much-needed service for companies that deal with multilingual business deals. This is applicable for companies dealing with companies within the country itself but in different regions mandating the need for personnel with knowledge of the regional languages for interaction and translation.

Various educational institutions that offer multilingual curriculum including foreign and domestic languages have the need for proficient persons who can help bridge the language gap. Having a person who is well versed in the foreign language or the regional language can help in establishing a reliable and an amicable relationship with the other company apart from the in- depth knowledge of all the inclusive documentation. We offer Multilingual solutions and Bilingual solution for staffing services as well.

Our recruitment consulting services are available not just for companies or institutions, but we also offer our placement services for job seekers with multilingual capacity as well. There is much more to language recruitment than just the objective of providing a translator or an interpreter. Knowledge of an additional language can give you an unparalleled advantage in your career and we can help you achieve just the right vantage point. We are one of the top recruitment agencies in India. Our recruitment procedures are detail oriented, carried through by a team experienced in both foreign and domestic staff recruitment. We aim to get the very best to meet and exceed your requirements.