On Demand Multilingual Survey Translation Service

Get Your Survey Translated in more than 50+ Languages with RM Global Consulting 


RM Global Consulting is a global platform, serving clients all around the world.We translate surveys into multiple languages with only one data set.

  • We, at RM Global Consulting, translate surveys into more than 50 languages.
  • We, at RM Global Consulting, translate survey questions, answers, and all survey message.

With marketplaces expanding around the globe, there is an ever-increasing need to collect data from wider audiences.Multilingual surveys can help you reach and research a broad, global network of employees, vendors, customers, partners, and prospects.RM Global Consulting helps you to build relationships across cultural and linguistic boundaries and With a single survey, you can reach everyone in the language they’re most comfortable with—and analyze all your results together as a single data set.

On Demand Multilingual Survey Transcription Service

Multilingual speech-to-text-conversion with RM Global Consulting

RM Global Consulting offers audio and video Multilingual Survey Transcription services in all industries, covering most common and rare languages.We, at RM Global Consulting , help researchers to remove the Cultural,Social & Linguistic Barriers in their research by converting audio and video files into written form to facilitate the insight process. Our highly skilled transcribers have both professional language and transcription ability to provide fast and accurate transcriptions of audio and video files in the language spoken and/or the language required by you.

Providing Multilingual Transcription service for focus groups, interviews, in-depth interview (IDIs) or online groups is the most important part of our daily task and we are committed to delivering our clients with accurate, high-quality transcription services that you actually need.

We work with all types of formats containing audio including digital, video, MiniDiscs, cassette, CD, DVD, streaming video and podcasts.

Our team of qualified and experienced Multilingual Survey transcribers specialise in the below industries:

  • Engineering and Manufacturing


  • Education
  •  Insurance and financial

  • Marketing, Media and Sales



  • Commercial


  • Legal
  •  Medical and pharmaceutical
  •  Information Technology

  • Other Industries Survey


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